If there ever was a time when
we need compassion, it is NOW!

Even if you are overwhelmed, exhausted and just trying to survive, it’s possible to

Bring love and caring back into your life

Acts of Compassion provides simple,
practical solutions for accomplishing this.

In this book, you will learn how to:

Quickly spot opportunities for showing compassion

Show greater compassion for yourself

Let go of judgments and assumptions about others

Use compassion to bring forgiveness

Create a life-long attitude of compassion

Filled with eye-opening stories, fresh insights and easy-to-follow examples, Acts of Compassion will renew your spirit and encourage you to become a more compassionate person.

Written by husband and wife, Michael and Linda Spangle, this book demonstrates ways that even the smallest acts of compassion can change people’s lives.

Great resource for churches
and small groups

Besides being inspiring for individuals, Acts of Compassion is a great resource for all-church studies, small groups and book clubs.

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