Acts of Compassion Discussion Guide

You are welcome to download the entire discussion guide for use in churches and small groups.

Click here for entire guide

Acts of Compassion Discussion guide—Individual lessons

If you prefer to download and print the sessions idividually,  you can acccess them below.
Click on the Session number for individual lessons.

Session One – Gift of Compassion
Chapter 1 How it begins
Chapter 2 How compassion works

Session Two – Compassion and meaning
Chapter 3 The power of presence
Chapter 4 Compassion heals and connects

Session Three – Compassion and relationships
Chapter 5 Compassion helps both people
Chapter 6 Stories behind the people

Session Four – Understanding compassion
Chapter 7  Compassion and the brain
Chapter 8 Self-compassion
Chapter 9 Receiving compassion

Session Five – Growing compassion
Chapter 10 Compassion in communities
Chapter 11 Compassion in organizations
Chapter 12 Compassion at work

Session Six – Compassion and faith
Chapter 13 Compassion in churches
Chapter 14 Compassion and forgiveness

Session Seven – Capacity for compassion
Chapter 15 Barriers to compassion
Chapter 16 Compassion fatigue
Chapter 17 Compassion renewal

Session Eight – Bringing it back
Chapter 18 Compassion and happiness
Chapter 19 Compassion stories
Chapter 20 Compassion for life

Wrap up and Reflections

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